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Wood Pellets

Super Premium Wood Pellets

Pallet of stacked North Idaho Energy Log wood pellets

North Idaho Energy Logs Super Premium Pellets. The clear bag lets you see the quality. Like our Energy Logs, Our Premium Pellets are made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills and have no additives. The high density and low moisture content of our Premium Pellets enables it to pack 8400 BTU’s per pound, and creates less than 1/2 of 1% ash.

Starting with only high quality fiber, we make a consistent, high quality wood pellet that customers have been heating their home with for years. We are committed to finding only the best raw materials and continually finding ways to improve our product.

Available in 40 lb bags, 50 bags per pallet. Each ton of pellets is shipped with 2 individual pallet covers (2mil inner and 4mil. outer) to offer the most protection from environmental moisture. Be sure to protect your pellets from the environment.

For more benefits of burning pellets see this page at the Pellet Fuels Institute.
To compare fuel costs with pellets and other fuels see this Comparison Chart.

Tested By Independent Labs

Graph of PFI Premium Fuel Standards and North Idaho Energy Log wood pellets.

PFI – Pellet Fuels Institute

North Idaho Energy Log’s Super Premium Pellets are a proven clean renewable heat source. With it’s extremely low emissions and extremely high BTU, it provides a clean, low ash fire with little or no residue. Meaning it is a safe, clean, affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to other fuels.

Super Premium Pellets are Available in 40 lb bags, 50 bags per pallet.

Low Moisture Content, Less Than 1/2 of 1% Ash, and No Additives

Our Super Premium Pellets Pack 8400 BTU per Pound

Pellet Fuel is a recycled and renewable heat source for your home.

Easily store a years supply in 1/3 of the space used for firewood.

Pallet of stacked North Idaho Energy Log wood pellets