Animal Bedding

Highly Absorbent For A Cleaner, Brighter Stall

100% Natural - No Additives

Eliminates Odor • Superior Moisture Absorption • Longer Lasting Bedding Save Stall Cleaning Time Reduces Cost Easy Disposal Less Dust Easy To Handle Requires Far Less Room For Storage Than Baled Shavings 40 Pound Bags

Animal Bedding User instructions

1) Completely strip stall completely of old bedding

2a) For THIN bedding spread 4-5 bags of Softwood Bedding throughout the stall evenly.

2B) For THICK bedding spread 6-8 bags of Softwood Bedding throughout the stall evenly.

3) (optional)- To instantly create a softer stall, mist the pellets lightly with water. The bedding will soften as the horse urinates and walks on the pellets.

– Remove manure and saturated areas
– Rake dry pellets to the wet/damp areas of the stall

-Add Softwood Pellets as necessary (usually one bag per week)
-When the bedding has reached maximum absorbency, strip the entire stall and start the process again.